Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I do love flavored coffee compared to traditional coffee taste.  I love Vanilla, Hazelnut and Almond flavors and if there is no available flavor like this that's just not coffee anymore, in my opinion. 

Well if you say I am addicted to coffee, yes I am.  It started when I am still working at the mall.  Every time we have break it is a COFFEE BREAK for me.  And to add our store is just fronting BO's Coffee Shop, everyday I smell the aroma of their coffee.

I've heard from many faithful coffee drinkers that flavored coffees are just terrible.  Not because the taste is terrible, but because the whole concept of adding flavors to coffee is disrespectful.  Coffee has such a wonderful flavor on its own, why mess with it?  The fact that the coffee is processed with chemicals is a point against them. Since they are going to be treated anyway, quite often the beans are not of the highest quality and the roasting is haphazard. In other words, it may be a delicious drink, but it's still poor coffee.

Well in spite of their discussions, I still enjoy flavored coffee then I guess or at least get some that have been made from well-roasted, quality beans.  A shot of syrup can quickly and easily add a new taste to your coffee. Or add some spices to your ground coffee beforehand. A bit of cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, or other powdered spice can be added to your ground coffee.  JUST MAKE A CHANGE.  Nothing will be gone if you try it!  STILL BREWING.


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