Monday, February 11, 2013


What is with this Coffee?  Why it's so interesting to taste this coffee?  I know everyone loves to taste the coffee from STARBUCKS.


The scents of the freshly brewed coffee are the first thing in the morning you wanted to smell especially if you work grave yard. In my case,yes it is.   Though I can attest that BREWED COFFEE from Starbucks is not my favorite one but it is good to experience how to become one of the STARBUCKS FANS.

Technically speaking, it is not easy to distinguish the best coffee if you will not experience and taste it.  This coffee has unique smell but not that quite good for me.  I do believe that every STARBUCKS BRANCHES have a different taste even they carry the name STARBUCKS.

Sorry STARBUCKS LOVERS, but this is just my sense.  I know you have your own reasons why you love to hang and chill out to this place and have a sip of coffee at once; maybe because of its awesome location.

Strategically located in the middle of 2nd LEVEL of SM LANANG PREMIER overlooking the atrium.

You may visit their Facebook Page STARBUCKS PHILIPPINES or follow them on TWITTER