Wednesday, January 30, 2013

KOPIKO Kopiccino Instant Cappuccino with Choco Granules

After attending a meeting from my child's school, I feel sleepy and tired.  So I went to a sari-sari store and buy my favorite coffee in a sachet.  Apparently they are out of stock then I saw something hanging in their store, and this is new to me: KOPIKO KOPICCINO!

Okay, let's have a try.  Hope it will not frustrate me with what I experience with another brand of cappuccino coffee who turns to be like an ordinary regular coffee drink.

The most important aspect of making a great cappuccino is to have a great espresso; prepared with a hot milk and a foam.  This coffee is really great.  The frothiness is there and I LOVE IT!

It has a FREE CHOCO GRANULES attached at the back of the coffee itself.

If you plan to have coffee and chat and it doesn't to be expensive try KOPIKO KOPICCINO.  I assure you, you will have an expensive coffee experience right into your home for PHp8.00 only.

NOTE:  This is not a PAID ADVERTISEMENT.  This is just my personal view and experience.


Fina Jenny said...

hi! first time to drop by your blog :)

I like this coffee too.. though it was soon replaced by great taste white hehe :).. guess not to much into the bubbles eh! hehe :)

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